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The gap

The gap

There are approximately 9'000'000 Fashion blogs. I have a look at about 6 of these more or less regularly. I like women who have an eased relation to fashion and who do not care so much about what ‘one’ should wear and how. Standardized fashion and people who somehow look all the same because they don’t want to do no wrong and therefore wear what everybody wears are really too boring for my taste.

3 out of the 6 blogs I tagged are by women who are really curvy and weigh quite a bit more than me. All of them are Americans with a very wicked style and they don’t seem to care whether you can wear a mini skirt as a plus size woman or not. These are blogs of women who like to show off their body and who wear whatever they feel like.

The other 3 blogs are of a very classic kind. Young beautiful women with terrific slim bodies who wear wicked clothes. Well and good.

However, this has little to do with me. None of them, neither the beautiful young nor the super curvy ones. Though the plus sized women inspire me because they courageously wear everything they feel like and because I would want Switzerland to be like this, too. Here, I can hardly see a woman who walks around in such a self-confidently dressed way, but I neither see any shops that offer fashion of this kind. In the USA, the range of women is much wider and thus also the supply. I like this very much. But, as mentioned before, it doesn’t really concern me.

I could relate to a woman at more or less the same age and with more or less the same body shape. No super slim 36 and no curvy 48, just a simple, common 40. One should think that such women are easy to find as you can see many of them walking through the streets. But I had to search for a very very long time, till I have found a blog corresponding to these parameters. Bloody long. Damn.

And, also the ones I have found don’t really knock my socks off. Is it really possible that there are hardly any inspiring, beautifully made fashion blogs by women like me? Women like me who don’t want to chastise themselves to fit into a 36, women who are slim but not skinny? Women like me who don’t care so much about what ‘one’ should wear or not? Women like me who don’t take fashion too seriously and, at the same time, enjoy it? Women like me who aren’t perfect and yet put their pictures online without retouching themselves thin before? Pure and simple normal women.

These are the blogs I have found and will keep an eye on:

Keiko Lynn. Already a very long time on my list. Not exactly my style, but really beautifully and fancy made.

Alexandra Grant is a full-time blogger since 2014. She is quite a bit younger than me and probably a 38, but her posts are lovely to look at. The name of her blog is: "to vogue or bust". She’s got breasts, too... Like!

Also about half as old as I am but rather a 42 than a 40. Christina's blog really is very refreshing. Thus: Like!

Alicia Winnett. I won’t comment on the age anymore, I’ve stopped this. Beautiful blog. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful woman. Nothing to complain.

Elsie and Emma are two sisters who make a very cheerful and colorful blog. On my list for years already. Not quite my fashion style but still nice to look at.

Here, the age is right! But the dear lady is interested in a healthy diet and sports… No, seriously. The age matches but the outfits are kind of prissy. And then, this turn-the-feet-inward, oh well, I don’t know! But maybe it’s more the design of the blog that appears a bit bloodless. Won’t remain much longer on my list, I guess.

My conclusion: No convincing German-language blog found. And none where age AND body shape match mine at least roughly. I can’t really believe this yet. That’s why I ask you: Do you know a blog made the way I am looking for? Bring it here! Add it immediately to the comments!

And till then? Till then, damn, I have to do it by myself. From now on, you will see, from time to time, the outfits I like best. You cannot expect any professional pictures, unfortunately, my boyfriend is not a photographer. But, instead, you can be sure to get real pictures on which I’m not made slimmer than I am and on which I strike poses that were rated as "not quite so favorable" in my last photo shootings (press, interviews and things like these). Just real life.

Like this:

Shoes: Adidas, Jumpsuit: Freitag, Glitter Socks: COS


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