Hallo, ich bin Kafi

Hier findest Du alles, was mich bewegt und was ich bewege.

Dancing Kafi

Dancing Kafi

Being on the way means a lot more than travelling to me. Because most of the time I’m not on vacation and not on a trip, most of the time I’m where I live and work, in my daily life. To me, being on the way means to be on the move, to be curious and to be in motion with my life.

This is when I dance. And I always dance! Every single day.

I dance when I’m feeling fine and I dance when I’m feeling lousy. I dance when there is something to celebrate and I also dance when life makes me cry. I dance when I’m in love and I dance when I feel like screaming and hitting out.

I danced when people died from the insane terrorism in Paris and many other cities around world; and moreover, I had to dance extensively to very loud music after the election of Trump, such a wanker. In doing so, the outer world hasn’t changed, I know that.

But when I dance, I feel better. Then, I am a bit happier and this means that I make my little world a better one. This way, I take on responsibility for my own mood and don’t pass on my frustration to the people next to me. I turn the volume up and move after a fashion. This fills me with power. With love and confidence.

Sometimes I have plenty of time to dance and sometimes there are just five minutes before taking a shower and leaving the house. At times, I even dance in the shower. Between two clients I always include a few minutes for it and before I start to write an article, I always dance, too.

Our world isn’t perfect. And unfortunately, neither is mine. For me, the best way to face the misery is to dance. That’s how blocked energy is brought to flow again and my brain rewards me with a colourful mixture of endorphins, which stay with me through the day.

Every state has its proper song. Vida by Max Herre awakes my humility and gratitude to life. Marc Sway’s Following you strengthens my joy of living and gets me going. And if I want to do secretly good to somebody, then I dance with this person in my thoughts to the song Have I told you lately by Rod Stewart. For once in my life by Stevie Wonder hots me up for a party and Udo Jürgen is the one I always dance to before I give a speech.

Dancing to the music of my younger days saves me Botox. Step by Step by Whitney Houston, an actually terrible song, takes me in only a few seconds back to my early twenties when I was on the road in Italy with my dad’s car. At that time, I had short blue hair and one didn’t want to allow me to re-enter Switzerland because I didn’t carry neither an ID nor a vehicle registration document with me.

If I was a teacher, I would let my students dance every morning and as a member of the Federal Council, I would have installed a heavy sound system in the parliament building and expose the politicians to dance music every day.

Those who think that one can dance only in the club have to blame themselves. Who lets his nicest dresses collect dust on a shelf because of an alleged absent opportunity to wear them, misses out on life. But the one who meets the everyday life dancing, gains calmness and ease. And like this, you are on the way in your life!

In this light: get up and dance with me! Right now! Loosen up, baby. There’s no excuse I accept. Turn up the volume or put on your headphones and GO!

Warmly, Kafi

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